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Abacus Math

What’s Abacus Math?

follow site Abacus Math is an arithmetic method which helps young children to perform calculations by memorizing the bead of the abacus in their mind.

nowości finansowe opcje binarne opinie With an Abacus, one can relate number values and comprehend the concepts of mathematics easily. It is very useful while learning decimal, square roots and binary system. Calculations can be done mentally without using any paper or pencil. It establishes numeric relations in a clear and logical way. Practicing on an Abacus helps students to have a fantastic grip on numbers; they may learn to calculate by just visualizing the beads.

The Benefits of Abacus Math

follow site After getting initial practice, most of the young children can perform very impressive arithmetic problems. The Chinese have been using the Abacus for centuries, and it is well known for its accuracy and efficiency. Learning Abacus Math helps to enhance students’ level of creativity, sensitivity and intuitive thinking. It also helps to increase their mathematical skills as well as their problem solving skills. Researchers have shown that children are capable of learning at a very young age. Thus the best age to start learning Abacus Math is from the age of 5, when children are able to count 1-20. Abacus Math helps in stimulating the brain, thus leading to a better understanding of mathematical problems.

How do we go about teaching Abacus Math?

source url At the initial stage, we train students to work with the Abacus using their hands. At this stage, students need to spend at least 30 minutes a day to get familiarized with the tool. After they start recognizing the concept well, we train them to work with different images to develop their memory. We provide them with a paper Abacus with which they learn to do calculations. Once the children master themselves in using a paper Abacus, we put them to the next stage where they do not use the Abacus and the memory card anymore, as they can now do mathematical calculations mentally.



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