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About Us

What we do

go to link Perfect Tutors, through its Math Enrichment Center, offers opzioni binarie segreti After-school Math Tutoring for students from grade 1 to 12. We provide support and guidance in our proprietary Xpress Math, Algebra I, Algebra II, Basic Computation, Geometry, Calculus, Competitive Math and SAT-ACT Crash Course with a money-back guarantee.*

Our Xpress Math program consists of Abacus Math, Vedic Math and Brain Teasers. We seek perfection in the art of calculation with the help of an Abacus. While working on an Abacus, students gradually start relating number values and comprehend the concepts of mathematics easily. Vedic Math is an ancient Indian Mathematics, which is based on the sixteen ‘Sutras’ or word-formulae. Our experienced tutors teach the Sutras in such a way that in a very short time, students are able to solve complex math problems in seconds. By mastering these tools, one can increase accuracy without spending time in doing calculations. Brain Teasers are the exercises that we encourage our students to do; they help to stimulate the cognitive function, encouraging the brain to work faster. Through interesting problem solving techniques and practices, we bring out the best in our students. We also help our students by assessing their progress through tests that are conducted from time to time. *Conditions apply.

The Perfect Team

Why choose Perfect Tutors?

http://revedecabane.com/?ower=broker-opzioni-binarie-che-accettano-paypal&979=33 broker opzioni binarie che accettano paypal Our students receive proper counseling and motivation for generating interest in the subject. Stress and time management are other areas where we support and guide our students through regular interventions. The Perfect Tutors’ team formulates strategies for the students to easily tackle complex problems for higher scoring.Refresher classes are also held to prepare the students for all exams. OurMath Enrichment Center provides worksheets on different topics to assess the abilities of each student, and instruction focuses on the weaker areas.